Reliable and long bloom every year

Reliable flowering even after late frosts or wrong pruning – with our hydrangeas of the Everbloom series you have that for sure. With standard varieties, a problem is common: if winter comes back late in the year, most hydrangea buds will freeze, too, and the dream of a rich bloom is over for the current year.

Our Everbloom hydrangeas are different. They do not only bloom on the older branches, but also form buds on the new shoots, and these will blossom luxuriantly that same summer. Therefore, Everbloom hydrangeas even forgive a “wrong” pruning too late in the year. Perfect varieties for garden beginners, then, too! Everbloom varieties are very winter hardy, sturdy and strong in their sprouting, and the lively green foliage form a beautiful contrast to the blossoms.

Currently Everbloom is available in white, pink, red and blue. The umbels are strong, green very well and later show attractive redly autumn colouring. Everbloom really is a world-class hydrangea you can’t go wrong with!